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Constantly Varied

You will never do the exact same thing, the only time you will repeat a workout is to measure improvement. Routine is the enemy, CrossFit constantly combines gymnastics, weight training, and endurance conditioning.

  • Always Changing.
  • Always Learning.
  • Broad, General, Inclusive.
  • General Physical Preparedness.

Constantly Varied

Functional Movement

Functional movements are universal motor recruitment patterns; they are performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity; and they are compound movements—i.e., they are multi-joint.

  • Natural.
  • Multi-joint.
  • Safe.
  • Essential.

Functional Movement

High Intensity

Is a measure of physics, not opinion. Intensity is measured by how fast you get real work done. Our goal is to increase your capacity for work and to make you fit for every day activities. Power = Intensity = Results.

  • Intensity = Power = Results.
  • Relative to Physical Limitations.
  • Relative to Mental Limitations.
  • Scaled per Individual.

High Intensity

Latest From the Blog

2016-9-28 – Getting to know your coach, Sally Pawlus

CFSP is happy to announce the inclusion of Sally Pawlus to our existing coaching staff.  She has been sharing her knowledge with a few of our evening classes and we wanted everyone to share in her insight, attitude, and history with CrossFit, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.  Enjoy. Tell us a li‚ttle about yourself. I […]

2016-9-26 – Filthy Fifty, Competition, and Community

Congrats to our community members Alex Rolfs and Rychia Bosman as they competed in a partner competition at Harbor Park CrossFit.  They took 7th out of 18 teams, we are so proud of their dedication and hardwork all summer in preparing for the competition season! Also don’t forget about our Respect the Rack fundraiser coming […]

2016-9-19 – Benchmark Karen and communicating with your Coach

Today’s Karen WOD is a potent benchmark.  Pushing through and completing it is an awesome accomplishment, but not at the expense of being able to function in your daily life.  CrossFit is strength and conditioning for being better at life.  No need to crush yourself every workout, the benchmark is to show your work capacity […]

2016-9-16 Benchmark week 1

Finishing our first Benchmark week of the 2016 cycle with some heavy clean and jerks, and some extra content for you all to watch and read.  Today’s video touches on the amazing bonds one can create, strengthen or maintain through physical training.  Enjoy the video and share away with your friends and family! Some great […]

Our Vision

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Athlete Testimonials

I don’t have enough space or time to say all the wonderful things about CFSP. I am a new person thanks to the camaraderie and community I now belong to. The coaching is top notch and I feel so much better inside and out. I have lost several inches and pounds, and gained friendships and confidence. I believe in myself and my abilities, and I haven’t looked back since my first step in the box. I’m glad to call CFSP my second home.

– Holly Voboril

I’ve been doing crossfit the past two winters. I can say with no hesitation I’m in the best shape of my life, this includes 4 years of sports at the collegiate level. Every workout is scaled to my specific needs, so anyone can do it. I recommend it to anyone that wants to truly improve their overall lifestyle.

– Jason Weiker

This place is fantastic. I have done many different types of workouts in my life but what sets CrossFit apart is the variety! No two workouts are ever the same. The instructors know their stuff and are very sensitive to your individual needs. If you’re looking for results and are willing to work hard..this is it.

– Troy Aeby

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